Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here I Am

Bet you all thought I was lost--well I'm back. I have been following Buddy and Darby's blog and hey, you both are lookin' good! My human has been busy with some kind of training at school, so the days have been eat, poop, sleep and then start all over again. She does let me play with Zoe in the evenings so I can get all my pent up energy out. We run all around the house and slide into chairs and doors and just have a great time. The other day I got bit by some bug and my face swelled up like a balloon--fortunately I am back to normal but my human was really worried (no she didn't take a picture). Just imagine a soccer ball with 2 eyes and ears--that was me. Well I better get back in my pen so my human can get to her workshop.