Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ears Revisited

Thought everyone might want to see Zoe's Glamour Portrait.  Don't you think she has the biggest ears ever?

I think she is so pretty.


Boo's Mom said...

Bar the doors! I'm coming to steal her!

I've always had a weak spot for dogs with her coloring.

Darby's human, Melissa

That corgi :) said...

came over from Darby's blog to check out Zoe's ears! she is a beautiful dog!!!

enjoy your weekend :)


itsmebuddy said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
WOW! She's beautiful!

itsmebuddy said...

Hi! Leda,
Buddy and I have a question for you about Buddy's diet. The vet said 2/3 of a cup morning and night, no treats. Buddy was always looking for food. I took away treats and added a small amount of green beans and 1/3 cup regular food and 1/3 cup light the same brand. His coat shines and he still is as active and not hungry all the time. Will the light dog food hurt him at his age or is he fully grown now? I'm not sure my vet knows corgis that well. He was so hungry. He's so wonderful. I don't want him to be hungry and I certainly want to have him around for a long time. Would appreciate any advice you can give me.