Sunday, January 16, 2011


Not much happening around here.  PA has been busy bringing her classes up to speed.  She is getting frustrated with the lack of initiative and inability to follow simple directions that her students exhibit.  She is beginning to think that cardigans are much smarter than the average student today.

Since there isn't much going on and I am bored, I decided to have a CONTEST!  I call it "name that puppy"  See if you can guess the name of the puppy pictured below.  The first to guess it right wins an all expense paid trip to (wait I don't have any money and no way to earn it)--well the first person to guess gets to know that they are really, really, smart :-).  Hint:  a close relative.

This is then.

This is now.


Boo's Mom said...

I'm usually not very good at guessing games, but I'm going to give it a try. Is that your papa, Rocco, when he was a puppy? If I'm right, the little patches of brown on his cheeks it what gave me the idea. Fun!

itsmebuddy said...

Aw-w-w! Darby's PA gets up earlier than me! I knew the answer! That's Dad! What a cute puppy he was!