Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I haven't posted recently as my PA has been busy with all of her classes and she is so tired that she doesn't want to take any dictation.

However, I told her we had to blog because I want to give a thumbs up to Bailey, also known as Coedwig's Bailey on the Rocks.  I call him Bailey Butt because he can be a pain in the you know what.   Anyway, last Saturday, our kennel club had their annual puppy match and Bailey did really well.  He took a Group 1 in the Herding Group!

Bailey with his ribbons and the blanket he won

He won a really nice puppy paw blanket.  I wanted to lie on it to keep warm (yup, it's cold here again), but my PA said it had to go in the trophy cabinet with all the other trophies.

See the blanket on the left side?

Hey Buddy, we are looking forward to the BIG DAY when Bear arrives.  We can hardly wait to see pictures of you and him together.  I know you are going to be a great puppy mentor.


Boo's Mom said...

Congratulations to Bailey! Good for you! The blanket looks nice in the cabinet with all those other cool winnings! Your PA must be very proud of all of you -- and of herself! It is exciting to know that Bear is on his way, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You must be very proud of Bailey. He sure is a handsome blue boy. Thank your person again for the links. We have really enjoyed them.