Thursday, January 20, 2011


Dad said he was to lazy to put up the rest of the agility pictures, so he gave me the job.  (I guess he forgot that his PA is my PA).

Anyway, here are some more pictures for you Buddy and company.

Rio, a Belgian Malinois, clearing the double jump.  He is Aunt Patti's boy

Rio coming down the A-Frame

Jake on the dog walk
Mystique coming through the Chute

Mystique taking a jump
Hope you enjoy them Buddy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I guess my last contest picture was too hard, though Darby's PA came close.  She guessed Grandma Jolee which is close because she is the momma of this puppy:

 Here is what she looks like today:

It's Pumpkin's Momma!

So I will try an easier one--any guesses?

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well Darby and Buddy have really smart PA's.  They both guessed right away that it was our dad, Rocco.  Wasn't he a handsome pup, kind of like me! (see previous post for addition of current photo)

I wonder if I can make this contest harder, hmm, let me see--I think this one will be hard but see if you can guess. 
um, um good
This one is really hard I guess--hint--This puppy is someone's momma.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Not much happening around here.  PA has been busy bringing her classes up to speed.  She is getting frustrated with the lack of initiative and inability to follow simple directions that her students exhibit.  She is beginning to think that cardigans are much smarter than the average student today.

Since there isn't much going on and I am bored, I decided to have a CONTEST!  I call it "name that puppy"  See if you can guess the name of the puppy pictured below.  The first to guess it right wins an all expense paid trip to (wait I don't have any money and no way to earn it)--well the first person to guess gets to know that they are really, really, smart :-).  Hint:  a close relative.

This is then.

This is now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It is really cold here.  My PA is totally disgusted.  She used to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which gets 300 inches of snow each year and average temperatures below zero.  When she moved here (before she became a Cardigan mom), she thought winters would be mild and no more snow and freezing temperatures.  Ha! was she wrong about that.   So much for global warming. 

The one good thing about the cold weather is we all get to come in the house at night cause our PA doesn't want to go tromping out to the kennel in the cold.   We all were good, no barking, no mistakes in the house, and played nice with each other.  Maybe we will get to come in again tonight since it's going to be 6 degrees.

I sure hope it warms up soon, the cold is hard on my feet :-(.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I bet you all thought I wouldn't back.  But like Jack Nickelson in "The Shining"---I'm Backkkkkk!!!!!.

It has been a very difficult time for my poor PA--between problems with the online platform for her classes, her father breaking his hip and emergency gall bladder surgery (involving six weeks in the hospital and then passing away in November at the age of 95), her computer totally crashing and losing a lot of valuable info, taking care of us, miserable weather for Arkansas, and taking care of her 90 year old mother--she just didn't have time to keep Dad's or my blog up-to-date.  She has been following Brother Buddy, Sister Darby, and Cousin Pumpkin's antics though.

Now it is the new semester and day one was called off because of snow and day two has a delayed start which means her classes don't meet.  Now she is two days behind already!

We did have a nice holiday--not many treats but we got to stay in the house on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 

Happy New Year from the Coedwig Cardigans
Here we all are, 8 of us stuffed on the love seat, the rest spilling over on the floor :-)   Hopefully, everyone had a good holiday, full of happiness and cheer.  Here's to my PA keeping my blog current.