Monday, October 12, 2009

There're Here!!!

The pictures have finally arrived. I look a little snarly in the first one. Had my lip curled trying to look ferocious--Do I look ferocious?
In the second win picture, I decided to go with the aloof, regally royal look--What do think, did I do it?
I guess you could say "I've come a long way BABY!!!"


Boo's Mom said...

What a good looking guy you are, Sammy! Your human must be so proud of you! And, standing still for long enough to get a photo taken! I haven't done such a good job teaching Darby to stay or wait in any position except at doors and when I am filling the cats bowl with food! In both cases she waits patiently and in the case of the cats food gets a tiny taste as a reward. Lack of training is my fault, not hers and one I'll be working on during the coming months!

Congratulations to you and your human on your wonderful accomplishment!

Darby's human, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me Buddy, your very proud brother!
Wow! Sammy! You're lookin' good, Dude. I thought you pulled off both looks you were going for and did it with a lot of class.
You're a winner! Congrats!

Brother Buddy
Person P.S. Ditto! I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sammy! It's me Buddy!
Just wanted to say Hi! Stop by your blog every once in awhile to see if there is any news about you. Hope all is well with you and your human.

Person P.S. Hi Leda! Thank you so much for Buddy. He is so much fun - such a clown. He makes me laugh all the time. He warms the heart and chews everything.
Regards, Becky