Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I was just wandering around the Internet, when I realized that I have been remiss in posting to my blog--shame, shame on me.
I have been to a few dog shows since my debut, but didn't do as well as my first show. I won't have another one until February because my human had to stay home and take care of Aunt Susie Q who had a litter of baby cardigans Thanksgiving day. There are eight of them! I can't wait till they grow up some so I can play with them. Here are some pictures. What do you think? Cute aren't they.
Here is Aunt Susie with her babies.
This is blue girl 1
This is blue girl 2
This is Black/White Boy 1
Black/White Boy 2
and Black/Boy 3 This is Dexter
This is Jenny
and this is Meydele
Dexter, Jenny, and Meydel already have homes. Isn't that great.
Well I guess I'll go and take a nap now.

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Boo's Mom said...

Good to hear from you, Sammy! Too bad you didn't do as well at your other shows as you did at the first. I'll bet that will change. Your new puppies are so cute! I remember seeing photos of you, Darby and the rest of the crew when you were tiny little things like that. And, look at you now! Darby weighs 29 pounds now! That's a lot of dog food!

I hope your human finds time to post some more so I can see what you look like now. But, I know her schedule is crazy especially with the puppies. I'm a little concerned about Buddy and his human because he hasn't been blogging for a long time. Hope everything is OK.

I just love Darby! She gives me fits sometimes when she doesn't do what I want her to, but mostly that is because I've been remiss in teaching her things like "stay." She has turned into the perfect cuddle-er for me--she doesn't glom on to me like Annabelle, the Golden retriever did, but she still snuggles up close to me on the sofa a lot. She is so cute and so much fun!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays--whichever works for your family!

Darby's human, Melissa