Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ear Question

I have had some requests to discuss the "ear" situation, so I thought I would do it in pictures.
Here I am two weeks ago--gee whiz how embarrassing.
But to be a "true cardigan", those big ears of mine have to be up like my Dad Rocco's.
Here I am two weeks later, one up--one down. Does that mean another two weeks of tape?
Maybe if I lie on my back all the time my human will think my ears are UP! What do you think?

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Boo's Mom said...

Oh, man! Sammy! That one ear up and one down thing is pretty funny. I wish I could tell from your photos how well behaved you were during the taping and un-taping. I am NOT looking forward to how your sister Darby will behave. She isn't much of a lap-sitter at this point and she does NOT like being restrained in any way!

I'll think tall thoughts for the ears on both of you!

Darby's human, Melissa