Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rest in Peace Holly

Today is a very sad day. I just found out that my sister Holly was in an accident and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She was so pretty and so smart and I know her human is devastated. I know she will be watching down on me and Darby and Buddy.
I miss you Holly.


Boo's Mom said...

Oh,Sammy! This is Darby's human. I'm so sad for Holly's new family. I can't even imagine how they must feel with the promise of their sweet pup cut short. Life is such a strange mix. I went with my friend when she turned in the canines for independence pup she trained. It was hard for her to leave Rinah but she knows that Rinah's job is just starting and she is very proud. Two households missing pups--one for a terrible, sad reason the other for a noble cause. Life!

Your human must also be so sad. I am so sorry.

Hugs, Darby's human Melissa

jbgibson07 said...

Hi Sammy,

The sister of Holly's human would like to thank you for your thoughts. It was devastating to hear the sad news about Holly.

You are a beautiful pup and I am sure Holly would be proud. Keep up the good work. Also, your ears will stand up eventually so no worries there!

Thanks again.


itsmebuddy said...

Hi Sammy,
It's me, Buddy in California. Just wanted to say hi so I searched for your blog. The news about Holly makes my heart sad. I will miss her, too.

I've tried several times to post. Hope it works this time. My person has a lot to learn about blogs.