Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Back Again

Well it has been a busy time since we got back from the dog show. Once again, I made everyone smile and met more doggie friends. I am starting to like this dog show thing.
I see Buddy and Darby are looking good. My ears are pretty much up all the time time, except when I am really tired. I saw that Buddy is a big game hunter--we don't have much big game here, but there are a couple of toads hanging around. Here are pictures of the two smaller ones, haven't seen the big, humongous one in a couple of days.
They don't look too mean, but they can get us all riled up when they start hopping away. I haven't had an encounter with the big one but I'll be ready for him if he shows up!
Well no dog shows for a while; it is too hot, plus my human has to finish all the outside chores before going back to work this fall. Only one and half doggie yards to go--then its clean and paint the human house.
Hope you all are having fun so far this summer.


Boo's Mom said...

Hey, Sammy. Those toads. Wow. We don't have anything like that in Southern California. I bet they make some great noise...or maybe only frogs do that?

Your human is a busy, busy lady, isn't she? I'll bet you are a BIG help--just like Darby is when I am cleaning up our much, much, smaller property. Yesterday, Darby helped me move a big pile of tree trimmings from where I stacked them up to all over the yard!!

Congrats on the ears, Sammy!

Darby's human, Melissa

Play it Again Sam said...


We cardigans are very helpful that way. Sticks should be arranged all around the yard for easy access. Nothing better than a lazy afternoon munching on sticks.

Your brother Sammy

itsmebuddy said...

Hi Sammy,
Would I love to catch one of those toads! My lizard and the bugs I find every once in awhile are small game compared to those.
I'm still working on the ear thing. It goes up and them comes down, up and down. I've been getting in a little trouble lately, but I'm trying to be a good puppy. I am just so curious about everything. I check out my person's knitting today. Need I say more.
Brother Buddy