Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To the Rescue

Early this morning--it was still dark--I was called upon to rescue one of the toads. The big dogs were out on the patio playing and Mr. Toad was right in the middle of their rocking and rolling all over the concrete. I had to dash in between thrashing legs and rolling Belgians and Samoyeds. I grabbed the toad and took him off to safe place on the rocks. But wouldn't you know it--within five minutes the stupid toad was back on the concrete looking to get squashed!


Boo's Mom said...

I can't imagine what one of those toads would look like squashed. I hope your human gets a photo of the big one and shares it with us! I happened to look over the back fence one morning last week and saw a coyote (!) very intent on Darby who was playing next to the fence! Fortunately, the ground falls away gradually on the other side of our fence and the coyotes can't run and jump up over the fence, but it was still unnerving to see it there staring at her. He/she took off when it noticed me. I'm glad we haven't seen bobcats for a couple of years, but I never leave Darby alone in the yard, just in case.

Wildlife of any kind can be exciting!

Play it Again Sam said...


Be careful. We lost a cardigan cousin who was taken by a mountain lion while protecting her owner's little girl.


Boo's Mom said...

Hey, Sammy. That's a terrible story about your cardigan cousin. We've seen the coyote almost every morning now. I hope it is just in the neighborhood and not particularly interested in your butterball sister. Darby weighs 20 pounds now--in the un-scientific human-hold-the-pup-and-step-on-the-scale test. She is wolfing down a cup of puppy chow with some extras (chicken, yogurt, etc.) in the morning and and a plain cut of food in the evening. The food is LONG gone before 15 minutes are up! She feels very solid to me--but still has a "waist." I may cut back a bit on the food now that the warm weather is here--she is like me and likes to hang out in the shade so she probably won't be as active.

I hope your ears are cooperating. Seems like Sammy's are now. Darby's definitely are, although her right one has a little kink in it.

I hope your human finds some time in between all the work she has to do to update your blog so we can see what a handsome boy you're turning out to be.

Hugs from Darby's human, Melissa