Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wow, what a weekend. I was busy being a great ambassador for all of us cardigans. Everyone wanted to pet and hold me. I got to meet all kinds of dogs, big and little. A couple of people threatened to take me home--but I stayed with my humans and came back. The motel room was fun--I got to stay on the bed with Zoe and Vickie until bed time and lots of trips out to the grass. When we got back my human's hard drive (whatever that is) took a nose dive so no blogging till today. Hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did.

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Boo's Mom said...

Your trip sounds like fun. Everyone wants to steal your sister Darby, too. The two of you are awfully cute. How are the ears doing?

Darby's got taped yesterday but when I came home I found that they had flopped over long standing up straight! I sure don't want that! So I took the tape off. I was AMAZED and how good she was when I did that! All by myself!

Maybe your human will suggest what we did wrong to let them flop backward. Has she ever tried the moleskin-cut-to-fit-the ear route?

Don't eat too many worms and sticks, Sammy!