Friday, September 17, 2010

County Fair

As you may have heard on my Dad's blog, I went to the County Fair last night with Pumpkin, Bailey, and Mystique.  Mystique went to do an agility demo, the puppies went just for the fun of it, and I went so that some of the kids could experience a dog show and showing a dog in the ring.   I think they all had fun.  You can go to Darby's blog,, to see pictures of us at the Fair.

What was the Fair like--oink, oink, grunt grunt-- we were right next to the pigs.  You could smell all the food cooking, fried this and fried that (of course, we didn't get any), and people, people, people.  All in all, though, it was a lot of fun.


Boo's Mom said...

Hey, Sammy! Thanks for letting your personal assistant give us the photos from the County Fair. You were looking awfully grownup and handsome there in the background of the photos of the puppies. I'll bet all those good smells nearly drove you pups crazy!

Sammy said...

Yes, they did. But to be a good role model for Buddy and his diet, I refrained from partaking any of those goodies.:-(.


itsmebuddy said...

Hi! It's me Buddy!
Ah-h-h! I really appreciate the support. I really am looking thinner and not quite so hungry. My person really can't tell if it's not enough food or just corgi. We are famous for being kitchen floor sweepers,aren't we! Gosh! I wish I could have gone to the fair. It sounds like you all had a really good time! I just love people. Little more selective about animals. Especially if they get aggressive. Have a happy Sunday!