Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Raining, Raining, Raining

Well I said it was going to rain and I guess it is.  It was raining so hard this morning, most of us didn't want to go out--but out we went.  It was kind of like taking an early morning shower.   Of course that means more work for my human since we came in all wet and dirty.  It is supposed to rain all day and all night, so the mop will be staying out for a while :-).

Hey, I beat my dad to the blog today!!!!


Boo's Mom said...

Oh! The rain sounds so nice. Here in Southern California we can go nine months without rain! This summer we did have a day or so with some, but that was it. Our rain season is starting soon--but first we have to survive the fire season. I hope things stay cool so it isn't a bad year.

I'm getting a little personal here, Sammy, but I think it is interesting that you don't lift your leg to p**. Darby almost always P**s over the spot when Bonnie goes, and when Darby does that, she does a half-hearted leg lift!! Of course, usually she just squats.

Rocco said...

Well I had posted a comment, but I think blogspot is confused because both my dad and I are on the same gmail account.

Anyway, even though I don't lift my leg, I don't "squat" like a girl. I plant my two front feet firmly on the ground, stretch my back legs out as far as they will go before I might fall down, and let it go. Maybe my human will be able to get a picture.